What is it about books, in general, that seem so smart? Think about it, if someone is reading all the time they just seem a little smarter. No one goes around bad-mouthing reading. (Comedian Brian Regan has some great thoughts about this – advance the video to about 3 minutes.)

When men and women write down their thoughts they are preserved and can be passed on.  Just as individuals impact one another and help one another learn and grow, so we readers are influenced by words on a page because they reflect the ideas of real people. This is why words on pages are so valuable.

So what if the Creator and Ruler of the Universe were to put words into men’s hearts and speak words for their hands to dictate so that the very words of God could be recorded.  How valuable would those words be?

This isn’t merely a hypothetical question.  God did put His words in men’s hearts to write and He even did some dictation at times.  We have those words recorded in the 66 collected books known as the Bible and it is very valuable – to be desired more than gold (Psalm 19:10).  It is not merely a handbook for living; it teaches us who God is and who we are and how we can be in relationship with God.  Even though He is holy and we are sinful, through His Word we can be in relationship with Him.

His Word, however, is more than just words on a page.  The Book of John tells us in John 1:14 that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” and this “dwelling” of God’s Word in the flesh was none other than Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Don’t be mislead, Jesus and the Bible are not the same, but they are both God’s Word, His truth, His revelation to mankind about who He really is.  The entire Bible is about Jesus because the entire Bible is about God’s plan to redeem Creation.

The Old Testament, the first major division of the Bible, tells us that God’s word will make us wise.  The New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God sent to us.  May we know more of God’s word so that we may know more of Him.

“Why should I believe that the Word of God is the Bible and why should I believe every word it says?”
(click to view a video of Ravi Zacharias’ answer)

“Is the Bible literally true?”
(click to download a brief answer from Pastor Tim Keller)

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